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If you need a digger in Redditch, we’re here to help you with whatever project you’re currently working on. We have years of experience to offer you, and we take pride in providing you with the best equipment available.

Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial construction project, we provide a variety of services and diggers that can help your project run smoothly.

If you need to dig up a large area, we have both 1.7 tonne diggers and micro diggers available for hire in Redditch. If you want to save on labour costs, you can hire both a mini digger and driver. If the work is extensive or if you’re not confident doing it yourself, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

If your project is simple and doesn’t require anything too intricate, then hiring just a mini digger could be more cost effective.

Our mini diggers can fit comfortably into narrow or confined spaces, thereby avoiding damage to objects such as pipes or wires buried underground. If you need a machine with a tiny footprint, our micro digger hire could potentially be a better option.


Mini Digger Hire from £80

Our Mini Diggers are available for hire by the day, weekends and for full weeks. This is our 1.7t Sany sy16 model and it comes with a full tank of diesel so that you are ready to dig as soon as we deliver it.

Micro Digger Hire from £80

Our Micro Diggers are available for hire by the day, weekends and for full weeks. This is our Wacker Neuson 803 Micro Digger and it is available for hire for the day. Our Micro Digger comes with a full tank of diesel so that you are ready to dig as soon as we deliver it.

Digger & Driver Hire £240/Day

We offer a digger and driver package which starts at £240 per day including fuel. Ideal for the tricky jobs. We can allocate one of our experienced operators to undertake your excavations, we can also organise inert waste removal from site and leave your working area clean and tidy by the end of the day.

Perfect for driveways. Try our dig out and stone up package.

Mini Digger Hire Redditch with or without Operator

Try our Dig out and Stone up Package!! One call and we do it all!

Hire a Self-Drive Mini Digger

If you need to rent a mini digger in Redditch, call us. We offer dependable, well-maintained mini diggers at very affordable prices.

Mini Digger and Driver Hire

The most popular hire requests we receive are for mini diggers and drivers. They’re fantastic at ensuring that your projects are executed properly, on time, and with no fuss.

It’s easy to hire a mini digger and driver, but you should make sure you know exactly what you need before you commit to anything.

When you plan to hire a mini digger or driver, you might ask yourself, “What’s the difference between hiring a mini digger and driver for a day or a week?” It’s good to get all of your questions answered so there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to execute your project.

Hiring a digger is a good choice for some jobs, but not for others. If you don’t feel confident about operating heavy machinery or hiring a man with a backhoe, we can help.

Our Diggers are great for the following applications:

A mini digger can be used for a wide range of tasks around your property.

  • It’s small enough to use on driveways and pavements, so you won’t need to worry about damaging your driveway.
  • It’s just 99 cm wide and can get through back gates and fence panels with ease.
  • For breaking up large areas of concrete that are too big for you to do by hand, using a digger breaker makes light work of it.
  • Our diggers are great for digging gardens, drives and trenches, so if you’re planning to do some digging, consider getting one of our machines instead of a shovel.
  • The mini digger will do a good job of removing tree stumps and roots from your garden.
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