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With a Micro Digger at your disposal, you may operate in confined locations, such as restricted access zones and small entrances. 

A more affordable approach to complete your task(s) is to use our Micro Digger Hire Solihull service. Micro Diggers are made for a variety of uses and are small and light. They are perfect for house renovations, small- to small and medium jobs, and gardening.

With a micro digger, you can’t go wrong. They are really powerful for their £80 price tag, and they will save you time and effort so you can focus on the things you like to do.

Micro Diggers are made to be simple to use as well. They are made with the best wear resistance and the lowest ground pressure, making them precise and comfortable. A Micro Digger will help you work more efficiently when you need to dig, whether it’s in a residential neighbourhood or on a building site.


Mini Digger Hire from £80

Our Mini Diggers are available for hire by the day, weekends and for full weeks. This is our 1.7t Sany sy16 model and it comes with a full tank of diesel so that you are ready to dig as soon as we deliver it.

Micro Digger Hire from £80

Our Micro Diggers are available for hire by the day, weekends and for full weeks. This is our Wacker Neuson 803 Micro Digger and it is available for hire for the day. Our Micro Digger comes with a full tank of diesel so that you are ready to dig as soon as we deliver it.

Digger & Driver Hire £240/Day

We offer a digger and driver package which starts at £240 per day including fuel. Ideal for the tricky jobs. We can allocate one of our experienced operators to undertake your excavations, we can also organise inert waste removal from site and leave your working area clean and tidy by the end of the day.

Perfect for driveways. Try our dig out and stone up package.

Micro Digger Hire with or without Operator in Solihull

Try our Dig out and Stone up Package!! One call and we do it all!

Self-Drive Micro Digger Hire in Solihull

Hire one of our micro diggers in Solihull. Find out why self-operating is such a popular option due to the ease with which Micro diggers can be operated and utilised.

If you need a little digger for a small job, a micro digger is ideal. The machine is simple to use and has a low centre of gravity, making it convenient to transport between locations.

Due to its extremely small size, the machine is perfect for use on construction sites, driveways, and other confined areas. Due to its strong hydraulic lifts, which enable the operator to raise or lower the bucket as necessary, it is also excellent for working at heights or on uneven terrain.

In short, if your project isn’t overly complicated – self-drive could be perfect for you. 

Micro Digger and Driver Hire in Solihull

You may ensure that you have the necessary equipment on hand to accomplish your project by hiring a micro digger and driver. Finding the ideal options for your needs is what our team at Valley Contractors is here to assist you with.

Why Would I Need a Micro Digger and Driver in Solihull?

For digging up small plots of land, nothing beats the efficiency and power of a micro digger. The versatility of a Micro Digger means it may be put to use in a wide variety of contexts, from gardening to building.

When you hire our ‘man and machine,’ a driver will accompany the micro digger and operate it for you on-site. This means they’ll be able to complete any jobs that need to be done swiftly and efficiently, leaving you free to do other things while they’re there!

Hiring a driver is a wonderful approach to ensure that all of your projects are finished as efficiently as possible while not costing too much money or taking up too much time!

Our Diggers are Perfect for The Following:

A micro digger is a small, portable machine that can dig into the ground. It is often used for small jobs like gardening or landscaping, but it has many other uses as well.

Here are the most common uses of a micro digger:

  • Landscaping businesses utilise micro diggers to lay soil and build flower beds. The equipment makes it simple to scoop dirt and move it to a different part of the yard, saving you time and energy.
  • Micro diggers are great for digging holes for planting trees or bushes and for digging holes for fire pits or other outdoor decorations.
  • One of the most common things that micro diggers are used for is to dig holes for fence posts and other similar things. They are great for building a fence in a place where there are a lot of rocks, roots, or other things that make it hard to dig with a shovel or post-hole digger. They are also helpful if you need to put up a fence between two trees or around the water metre in your garden, where there isn’t much room.
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